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Check your Eligibility to break into banking!

Check your Eligibility to break into capital markets/ investment banking by completing the eligibility calculator created by City Investment Training.


Please note that the calculator has been created to give candidates an approximation of their probability to break into banking and should not be taken as some type of a guarantee to getting or not getting a job in banking. 

Also please note that even if the candidate does get a perfect to a near perfect score on the eligibility calculator, he/she still needs to put in the significant effort required to break into banking.

Please fill in the form below to check your eligibility to break into banking. 



Sameer Merchant, CFA

CEO and Lead Trainer

City Investment Training.  

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Check your eligibility to break into Banking!
Approximate time to get results - 1 to 3 mins

Please check your inbox/Spam for a link to the Eligibility Calculator. 

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