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September 2017
June 2018

Are you currently studying or have recently completed a university degree in any field (undergraduate or masters)?

A number of our students have no prior domain knowledge of finance or accounting before taking the course.





Internship Training*

We help students get an internship with Investment Banks, Private Equity and Asset Management companies. Successful students go on to convert their internships into full-time jobs.

Spend 4 weeks undergoing advanced training and internship training. Students work on investment research projects that replicate real life jobs and solve M&A, PE and VC case studies from leading business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, LBS and IESE, among others.


We run a 4 to 8-week training programme. Our lead instructor is an ex-Goldman Sachs and Barclays banker with almost a decade's experience in the industry, financial modelling and valuations training. 

Graduate Destinations
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* The names listed above are companies where our students have secured jobs and not the list of our partners. 
>80% Placement Rate*
Placement by Industry
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*Placement by industry includes only those students who were successfully placed 
*Placement rate excludes students who went on to study for their undergraduate or Master's programmes 
*Please note that we do not guarantee jobs to our students
*Placement rate reflects only our 8 weeks training program 
Why City Investment Training?

Programmes designed to replicate real-life Investment Banking Analyst jobs

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Pragmatic Training based on real life internships:

  • Learn to build financial models and value companies like a seasoned analyst.

  • Advanced programmes include cases from leading business schools such as Harvard, LBS and IESE.

Experienced Trainers:

  • Our lead trainer has almost a decade's experience in Investment Banking.

  • Experience at Bulge Bracket investment banks such as Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital. 

Strong placement record to support student careers:

  • We help students send CVs to hundreds of IBs, PE and VC shops in the UK. 

  • We also send our students 30 to 50 jobs from across the internet each fortnight. 

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Interview Training, Assesment Centre Tests  and CV/CL Editing:

  • Investment Banking mock interviews

  • CV and CL editing. 

  • Three practice Assesment Centre Tests

  • Our students CVs and CLs get regularly sortlisted for bulge bracket names such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS 

Testimonials - See why we are a 5 Star rated course?

David Tamman (London School of Economics): Post-City Investment Training - Goldman Sachs

"What stood out for me were the real-world examples which made it engaging and relevant and the training bought it to life. Most complex tasks in life are bundled up simple tasks which together make it complex, and Sameer did a fantastic job of breaking it up into each simple task."

Steyne Van Der Merwe (University of Edinburgh):  Post-City Investment Training - Alanda Capital

"What stood out for me was the depth of the content, especially when it came to the financial modelling side of things. We went into much more depth than even those who go into analyst roles, which was fantastic". 

Connor Maxwell (London Business School): Post-City Investment Training - Park Hill Private Equity

"My experience here at City Investment Training has been extremely rewarding. The in-depth understanding gained from accounting, valuations and financial modelling has been fantastic and you immediately see the practical applications of the course in the workplace. I recently had an interview at a secondary Private Equity house, in which I was given an MS Excel task of building a debt repayment schedule. I was not only able to ace the test but also land the job, thanks to the programme at City Investment Training. I highly recommend taking this course for graduates looking to move into Private Equity or Investment Banking".

Rashid (Warwick University): Post-City Investment Training - KPMG

"The training course was extremely intensive and gives a good insight into what Investment Banks do on a day-to-day basis. I thought we got trained technically to a level of a senior analyst - a much higher level than someone aiming for an entry-level position. The quality of the students on the course was top-notch and the interview training was extremely helpful." 

Amar Patel (Birmingham University): Post-City Investment Training - Moelis and Company

"What stood out for me was modelling companies from scratch and valuing them. The theory and the application model of the course works very well. We are taught how to do something first and then we would do it ourselves... I think what that does is it allows us to walk into any analyst job feeling confident."  

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Given the success of our placements, we receive hundreds of CVs a month. We have limited seats available for our summer 2020 programs. Early applications are given preference by our admissions committee. 

Full-Time Analyst Programme (8 Weeks)

  • Monday 10th February 2020 - Fully booked

Summer Full-Time Analyst Programme (4 to 8 Weeks)

  • Monday 8th June 2020 - 3 Seats Available

  • Monday 6th July - 2 Seats Available

  • Monday 10th Aug - 3 Seats Available

  • Monday 8th October - 3 Seats Available

Our previous programmes had students join us from some of the leading universities across Europe, including...

University of Oxford

London School of Economics (LSE)

London Business School

IE Business School 

University College London (UCL)

University of Edinburgh

King's College

University of Durham

University of Warwick

Hanken School of Economics

Bocconi School of Management Cass Business School

University of Sheffield

University of Birmingham

Cardiff University

University of Nottingham 

University of Exeter