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How many people pass through Heathrow Terminal 1 everyday

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

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How many passengers pass through Heathrow terminal 1 everyday?

The key here is to first estimate the number of planes that land on the runway everyday. From there on we estimate the number of passengers each plane carries and approximate capacity utilisation of each aeroplane. 

Let's take off by estimating the number of planes that land on the runway at Heathrow terminal 1. Assuming we have a landing every four minutes at the runway we get 15 planes landing every hour. Multiplying this with 24 hours in a day gets us to 360 aeroplanes a day. 

Assuming  each aircraft can carry 300 passengers and @90% utilisation rate we get 270 passengers per aircraft.

Finally we multiply these numbers - 270 passengers per aircraft * 360 (aeroplanes landing a day) = 97,200 i.e. close to 100k passengers pass through Heathrow terminal 1 everyday.

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