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How many street lights are there in London?

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How many street lights are there in London?

If the question mentions any area, usually, we need to start from estimating the population of the place, which is given.

So, knowledgeable students will agree that London population is about 9m.

As we know the population, let’s now assume the number of families in London.

Statistically proved that usually 51% of people are married and the rest – single. In addition, in average a family has 2.4 children, which gives us the approximate number of people in one family – 4 members.

By multiplying the population of London and the number of single people and families, we can find the approximate number of houses in London.

((9,000,000*0.51)/4) +((9,000,000*0.49)/1) =5,557,500 houses are in London

Wait for a minute, we are reaching the final point.

If consider that majority of houses in London represent cottage’ type of houses, we can assume that for two basically small houses we need only one street light.

In that case, we will have approximately 2.8 million street lights.

Final answer: 2.8 million street lights are there in London.

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