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Optimise your LinkedIn to land a job in banking

All the students who took our 8 weeks training program, 90% of them found internships and jobs. Please click here to learn more.

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LinkedIn is powerful for landing investment banking roles.

You’re one conversation away from your dream career!

Many of my students use the techniques highlighted below to break into banking.

One of them got his first role on LinkedIn, straight out of uni in a US private equity shop.

Starting salary ~ $120k base. 🚀

You know what's even more satisfying?

He loves his job!

Here’s are some of the tips we share on our full programs.

Use it to find yourself a dream front-end job 👇

➡️ Your profile

- Get yourself a professional photo (In a suit!)

- Update your experience with relevant skills

- Include your school, A Level grades, and degree

- Use your about section to highlight achievements

- Also why you are a good fit for banking

- Share your involvement in relevant uni societies.

➡️ Your connections

- Message decision makers - VP and above

- Search for people who work at banks you are interested in

- Start the conversation on a personal level

- Find a commonality to speak about (same uni, sport, etc)

- Don’t copy and paste the same message!

Most important - stay consistent.

Aim to message 5 people a day.

You’ll be surprised at how many reply!

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