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This is how you answer OpenAI commercial awareness question in banking interviews.

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🔥Students and recent graduates: Are you prepared to answer this real-life investment banking interview question? - Tell me about your thoughts on Open AI's CEO being fired.

You could be studying at LSE, Oxford or Cambridge..

But if you are unable to answer commercial awareness (CA) questions, chances that you will get a £100k job in banking straight out of university are remote.

It's important that students continue to read FT's LEX column and know how to structure CA answers in interviews.

Here is how you handle the question like a PRO in the interview.


This week, CEO, Sam Altman and Co-Founder, Greg Blockman got ousted from the board of OpenAI.

The board claimed that they lost confidence in the duo's ability to lead the firm.

It is unusual for a board of only 6 members to make such a big decision for a company.

The board explained thar Mr Altman had not been "consistently candid with his communications".

This impacting the board's ability to exercise its responsibilities.

Who are the other four members of the board?

1. OpenAI’s Chief Scientist, Ilya Sutskever;

2. Quora's CEO, Adam D’Angelo;

3. Tech Entrepreneur, Tasha McCauley; and

4. Helen Toner, Strategy Director; Georgetown's Center - Security & Emerging Tech

Most tech companies now have more AI experts than the board of OpenAI 😂😂

Arguably, the one tech company which HAD the biggest potential of changing the course of human history.


Any other big board room firings that you can remember?

Apple fired CEO, Steve Jobs in 1985 - Yes that did happen for those of you who are too young.

Wink Wink! 😉

That's good KNOWLEDGE to bring up in the interview.


In interviews make sure to....

💡 Know your facts - What happened exactly.

💡 Know the names - Sam Altman and Greg Blockman

💡 Have an opinion - What's next for Sam?

💡 Know your numbers in an M&A deal.


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