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What are the top 3 fatal mistakes students make when applying for jobs in banking❓

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What are the top 3 fatal mistakes students make when applying for jobs in banking❓

Had a blast hosting the M&A workshop at Bayes Business School last week.

Unfortunately, continue to see the same three mistakes at almost every M&A workshop, I deliver at universities.

What are these top three mistakes❓

❌ I don't need to have banking knowledge to get a summer internship at an investment bank.

🚀 Of the approximate hundred students that attended the M&A workshop, only one student could half answer questions on M&A accretion/dilution analysis. If students want to get a £100k job in banking they would be expected to demonstrate a decent amount of banking knowledge.

❌ I will make 10 applications and get an investment banking internship - How hard can it be?

🚀 Unfortunately, a lot! JP Morgan receives 270K applications a year and only 1.7% get an offer. Should I say more? We encourage our students to make at least 50 to 100 applications a month. We have a list of more than 2K Investment banks, private equity, asset management and venture capital companies that we hand out to students on our 8-week course.

❌ If I get a job as a credit risk analyst at JP Morgan - I have arrived!

🚀 The most lethal mistake students make is not understanding the difference between front-end and middle-office/back office jobs.

As I always say..

"There are better ways of committing career suicide - please let it not be with a job at the back-end of banking. Its literally death by a thousand cuts."🗡️


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