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Overview of City Investment Training

Overview of the Training Program and Facilitiies 

How It Works?

*Covid -19 Disclosure: All our upcoming programs will be available face to face and online. 

Graduate Destinations

Bulge Bracket Investment Banks

Graduate Destination 

Our students have found jobs with some of the leading investment banking companies across Europe

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Mid Market

Private Equity

Asset Management


Our placement success speaks for the quality of our program

90% Placement Rate

Placement by Industry

Why City Investment Training?
David Tamman (London School of Economics)
Post City Investment Training - Goldman Sachs

"What stood out for me was the real world examples which made it engaging and relevant and the training bought it to life. Most complex tasks in life are bundled up simple tasks which together make it complex and Sameer did a fantastic job of breaking it up into each simple task."

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*Covid -19 Disclosure: All our upcoming programs will be available face to face and online.

Full Time Analyst Program (8 weeks)
Dec 2018  |  Fully Booked
Weekend Analyst Program (6 weekends)
July 2020 - 2 seats available
Full Time Analyst Program (8 weeks)
Feb 2020  |  Fully Booked
Summer Full Time Analyst Program
June 2020 |  Full (Waitlist is available) 
July 2020  |  2 seats available
Aug 2020  |  3 seats available
Autumn/ Christmas Full Time Analyst Program
October 2020 |  4 seats available
1st Dec 2020  |  2 seats available
21st Dec 2020  |  3 seats available
Where our students come from?

Our students come from some of the leading Universities in the world

University of Oxford

London School of Economics

London Business School

IE Business School 


University of Edinburgh

Kings College

University of Durham

University of Warwick

Bocconi School of Management Cass Business School

University of Sheffield

University of Birmingham

Cardiff University

Hanken School of Economics

University of Nottingham 

University of Exeter


Who is the program designed for?
Current Undergraduate
A majority of our students are in between their 1st and 3rd year of their undergraduate studies.
Recent Graduates
A good number of our students have recently completed a undergraduate or Masters course
<4 years experience
Some of our students join us for the weekend or the full time program with <4 years of experience in finance or consulting 

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