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Learn how institutional investors build full-blown financial model to value and invest in companies.

If you would like to learn how to build this model step by step than join us for our 4 days Apple Model course.

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Apple Inc Model. 

Download Apple Inc. Model

We have a ~90%* Placement Rate for our 8 weeks FT program

We have the best-in-class placement rate of 90%.

90% Placement Rate

Placement 2021.png

Placement by Industry

Placement 2020.jpg

*Placement rate excludes students who went on to study for their undergraduate or master's programs

*Please note that we do not  guarantee a job to our students

*Placement by industry includes only those students who were successfully placed 

Where our 8 weeks FT program students have secured jobs?

Graduate Destinations.png


Our courses have transformed careers and changed lives

David Tamman

David T.jfif

Education: LSE


Post City Investment Training: Goldman Sachs

"What stood out for me was the real world examples which made it engaging and relevant and the training bought it to life"

Amar Patel

Amar Patel.jfif

Education: University of Birmingham


Post City Investment Training: Moelis and Company

"The theory and the application model of the course works very well. I think what that does is it allows us to walk into any analyst job feeling confident."  

Joseph Klein

Jospeh Klein.jfif

Education: University St Andrews


Post City Investment Training: Nomura

"The course is contemporary, using tangible, everyday examples to consolidate seemingly abstract concepts from accounting to financial modelling. This is a truly great and unique opportunity"

Morgan Stanley_simple.png

Carolina Montaruli

Carolina M.jfif

Education: University Southern California


Post City Investment Training:

Morgan Stanley

"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to gain advanced technical skills and have real insight into what the industry is like. I now feel very confident about my skills and much more prepared walking into interviews"

Morgan Stanley_simple.png

Andrea Martelletti

Andrea M.jpg

Education: IE Business School


Post City Investment Training:


"Would highly recommend to Business/Finance majors looking to gain financial modelling experience as well as anyone who wants to break into the industry"

Morgan Stanley_simple.png

Olivier Maris

Olivier Maris.jfif

Education: Hult Business School 

Post City Investment Training:

Julius Baer

"The training is well above expectations. If you are seeking to enter the investment banking industry, look no further. I believed IB content was overwhelming, until I completed the course."

See more reviews on our 5 star rated course here...
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