The Founder and President of City investment Training, Sameer Merchant, CFA, has delivered presentations on Investment Banking careers and interviews at the following universities:

Warwick Risk Management Society

“The students of the University of Warwick Risk Management Society were really glad to host Sameer Merchant for his talk on "Cracking Investment Banking Interviews". Sameer shared with us some unusual tips to answer challenging investment banking questions.”

Emilia Pugachova

Corporate Relations Executive

UCL Investment Society



Thank you very much... We hope to have you back at UCL for future talks!"

Niken Shah, 

Executive at UCL Investment Society

Swansea University Investment and Finance Society

"..Sameer, Thank you so much for your presentation. It was very insightful. Thank you for taking your time to travel down ...


Sian Jones

University of Oxford

UCL (October 2018)

UCL Investment Club_edited.jpg

Warwick University

Warwick RMS.png

UCL (October 2019)

Swansea University

Swansea Investment Logo.png

Durham University

Durham 2.jpeg

Durham University Finance Society