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Placement by Industry
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90% of our students on our 2017-19 eight-week (June 2017 to Dec 2019) Full-Time Analyst programmes have now been placed.
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* The names listed above are companies where our students have secured jobs and not the list of our partners. 
Placement Rate
  • We have a 90% placement rate for students on our Full-Time Analyst programmes (excluding students who went back to finish their undergraduate studies or those who opted to join a Masters programme).

  • Almost all our students included below have secured jobs in Investment Banking or the related financial services sector. 

  • We regularly send our students relevant jobs from across the internet. 

  • Given the strength of our programme and the weight it adds to CVs, the majority of our students find jobs through online portals. 

  • We also help students find jobs through our network of IBs, asset management and PE/VC companies.

  • Please note that we do not guarantee jobs to our students.

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 Excludes students who went on to study for their undergraduate or Masters * programmes
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