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Live, Part-Time Investment Banking Analyst Program (3 months - Live Online Program)

Description (12 Weeks - Live Online Program)

​Program Description and Why do the course? 

  • Join the first of its kind Investment Banking Training program which allows students to train and replicate the work of an investment banker on a part-time basis. 

  • Run over 12 weeks Live Online: Two days – Monday and Wednesday each week (6:00 pm to 8:00 pm UK time).

  • Aimed at students and applicants who want to work in investment banking.

  • Train with an Ex- Goldman Sachs and Barclays Investment Banker.

  • Add significant weight to the CV.

  • Program helps candidates with Mock Interviews and CV/CL editing and proprietary investment banking jobs platform.

  • Opportunity to earn money after the program finishes working with independent equity research platforms.

  • Candidates can make £200 to £500 a month working 8-10 hours a week or £1,200 to £2,000 a month (after a year’s practice) working full-time. (These are estimates and actual numbers may differ).


What are the exit opportunities after finishing the course?

  • Be your own boss and continue working on independent equity research platforms: Using the skills developed during the course, candidates can begin writing their own equity research reports, and can then earn money based on their own content. Candidates can make £200 to £500 a month working 8-10 hours a week, or £1200 to £2500 a month (after a year’s experience) working full-time. (These are estimates and actual numbers may differ).

  • Move into a traditional investment banking role: Through learning financial modelling, candidates will have acquired the core investment banking skillset which is necessary to thrive in the industry. They will also have bolstered their CV by adding vital experience. Together, these benefits will help candidates lock down interviews and convert them into offers, be it a bulge bracket or boutiques.

Full Time Description
Programme Content
Programme Content 

4 hours of training and 2-4 hours of homework a week.

  • 3 weeks: Accounting and students start researching a company of their choice.

  • 6 weeks of Financial Modelling: Build a real-life model on Apple Inc.

  • 2 weeks of Valuations – Value Apple Inc using DCF and public comparables. Conduct LBO and M&A Accretion analysis.

  • 1 weeks –Write Initiating coverage Equity research report on Apple


Equity Research Modules:

First Three weeks – Accounting

Program Content

  • Accounting – Induction, Introduction to accounting and Income Statement.

  • How to write an Equity Research Log.

  • Overview of Balance Sheet.

  • Cash Flow statement, Ratios and Advanced Accounting.

Weeks Four to Nine– Financial Modelling

Program Content

  • Accounting exam.

  • Setting up a detailed Shareholders Equity Schedule.

  • Equity options and RSU's - Share-based compensation expense.

  • Forecasting the rest of the Balance Sheet line items.

  • Forecasting the Cash Flow Statement.

  • Balancing the model using proprietary techniques.

  • Dealing with circular reference.

  • Auditing  a financial model.

  • Advanced excel concepts.

Weeks 10 to 11 – Valuations

Program Content

  • DCF valuation

    • Time value of money.

    • Spreading Free cash flow to Equity and Firm valuations schedule.

    • WACC.

    • Terminal value – Gordon growth and Multiple method.

    • Calculating Fair Value.

    • Sensitivity Analysis.

    • Spreading data table for DCF valuation.

  • Comparable valuations

    • PE ratios – pros and cons.

    • PB ratios - pros and cons.

    • PEG ratio - pros and cons.

    • EV/EBITDA - pros and cons.

    • EV/EBIT- pros and cons.

    • EV/Revenue - pros and cons.

    • EV/Sales- pros and cons.

  • M&A modelling – Accretion/Dilution analysis.

  • Overview of Private Equity.

  • LBO modelling

    • Step 1 - Set up the pre-transaction structure operating model​.

    • Step 2 - Set up the capital structure.

    • Step 3 - Build the post transaction operating model.

    • Step 4 - Calculate IRR's.

    • Step 5 - Optimise the model.

Weeks 12 – Writing Equity Research Report

Program Content

  • Write a detailed initiation coverage equity research report on a company of student’s choice.

  • Build an advanced financial model with a detailed Revenue breakdown sheet.

  • Value Apple using sum of the parts method. 

  • Use advanced techniques to compute valuations of fast-growing internet stocks such as Amazon using the Siegel calculator and an extended DCF model.   

Super Day/Assessment Centre Day (End of Week 12)
  • Replicates real-life assessment centre day at top investment banks. 

  • Maths/ English & Analytical Tests 

  • Case studies on M&A and Private Equity published by top business schools such as Harvard. 

  • Mock interviews conducted by Senior Bankers - Each student is given one to one feedback on their profile and interviewing skills.      

Mock Interview Panel
City Investment Training Alumni Event 2022
In Banking it's not only "What you know?" but also "Who you Know?"
William Dunstan - Summer 8 weeks 2021 Cohort

From City Investment Training to AGC Partners M&A analyst
George Galanopoulos (Ex-M&A Director at Rothschild and Partner at Venero Capital)
Dr. Kenneth Lee - Ex-Head of European Equity Research at Barclays 
Programme Location
Programme Location
  • Online Only  (All training sessions will be recorded)  

Programme Calendar

Course starting dates: 

  • October 2023

Fees and Financing
Fees and Financing 

Please send your CV to or fill in the form below and we will get back on your application within the next few minutes.

Please check your spam if you do not het the details on fees and eligibility within the next five minutes. 


Please fill in the form below and we will get back on programme fees and your eligibility for our courses.

We receive thousands of enquiries a year. To enhance your application, please send your CV to:

Contact: +44 (0) 203 402 3050

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