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Access stock pitch sample on Mastercard that Sameer used to get offers from top investment banks such as UBS, BNP Paribas and Barclays

A strong track record of placements

We have the best-in-class placement rate of 90%.

90% Placement Rate

Placement 2021.png

Placement by Industry

Placement 2020.jpg

*Placement rate excludes students who went on to study for their undergraduate or master's programs

*Please note that we do not  guarantee a job to our students

*Placement by industry includes only those students who were successfully placed 

Graduate Destination 

Our students have secured jobs with some of the leading investment banking companies across the globe


Bulge Bracket

UBS Logo.png
Morgan Stanley_simple.png
JP Morgan.png

Mid Market

Golden Hill.png
Julius Bar.jpg
STJ Advisors.jpg

Private Equity

European Investment Fund.png
BNP Paribas Fortis.jpg
Park Hill.webp
Orbit Partners.png
Qualitas Equity.png
Hillgate Capital.png

Asset Management

Acumen 2.png
Alanda Capital.webp
* The names listed above are companies where our students have secured jobs and not the list of our partners. 

We have helped hundreds of students to break into banking since we set up shop in 2017. 

We have an industry leading 90%* placement rate  

If you are interested to take one of our 8 weeks investment banking internship training courses please send us your CV to and we will get back on fees and eligibility. 

Download Mastercard Stock pitch

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Also to access 17 free resources (Worth more than £5,000) that we will be giving out gradually over the next few months please make sure to join our WhatsApp Group below


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