Summer Full-Time Analyst Programme (8 weeks)

  • Run over eight weeks: Four to five days a week (10:00 am to 4:00 pm UK time with an hour lunch break).

  • First Four Weeks: Investment Banking Training - Accounting, Financial modelling, Valuations, Pitch books and Report writing.

  • Second Four Weeks: Designed to replicate real-life Investment Banking internships.

Programme Content 
  • Financial Modelling: Build financial models from scratch on real-life companies traded on the Dow Jones, FTSE or Euronext exchange.

  • Valuations: Value companies using Discounted Cash flow, Trading, and Acquisition comparables.

  • M&A: Build Merger and LBO models from scratch. 

  • Equity Research: Writing equity research reports on companies listed on public exchanges.

  • Presentation: Prepare detailed presentation packs.

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Internship Training
  • Built-in internship training programme: Replicates real-life internships

  • Write equity research reports on public listed companies

  • Build financial models from scratch on Fintech companies

  • Learn how to value companies using DCF and public comparables among other techniques.

M&A Week
  • Put together a detailed M&A pitchbook for a real life deal.

  • Replicate the role of an M&A analyst advising Mars Chocolate on the acquisition of Wrigley. 

  • Calculate M&A Goodwill using the PPA method on the acquisition of Time Warner by AOL.     

Mars Wrigley.png
Equity Research Week
  • Write a detailed equity research report on your company.

  • Build an advanced BMW financial model with a detailed Revenue breakdown sheet.

  • Value BMW using sum of the parts method. 

  • Use advanced techniques to compute valuations of fast growing internet stocks such as Amazon using the Siegel calculator and an extended DCF model.           

Amazon Logo.png
Private Equity Week
  • Spend a week replicating the role of a Private Equity Analyst at Bain Capital/KKR's acquisition of Toys R US.

  • Build a detailed ten spreadsheet LBO model and make a presentation to the investment committee on the attractiveness of Toys R US as an LBO target.    

Toys R US 1.jpg
Venture Capital Week
  • Put together term sheets and cap tables for follow on investment rounds in Webtracker.

  • Calculate start-up valuations for Nordic Technologies

  • Negotiate with fellow students on raising funds for Nordic Technologies and Webtracker

Gustavo M.jfif
Gustavo Mello Viegas - Summer 2020 Cohort
From City Investment Training to Rothschid & Co M&A analyst

I think it's a myth that students can walk into an investment banking interview armed with good A-level or university grades and snag an internship at a respectable investment bank. Securing a job at an investment bank is extremely difficult and Sameer assisted me with all the technical bits on my case study which was part of my interview helping me land my summer internship. I was first apprehensive about the fees of the program but it was more than worth it.

  • Past students have gone on to receive offers for well-paid internships and full-time analyst roles at marquee names such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Rothschild, and UBS, among others.

  • We work with a number of Boutique Investment Banks, Private Equity and Venture Capital companies to place our students on short-term internships as well as full-time analyst roles. 

  • In the recent past, depending on the batch, we have seen between 50-100% of our students being placed in Investment Banking or related finance roles within 1-4 months of passing the 8-week Full-Time Analyst Programme.

Programme Location
  • Our programmes are available both in-class and online.

  • Class location: Varies but previous training has been conducted at 1 and 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington, London, W2 6BD, United Kingdom

  • Online: Students join us online for our live classes from across North America and Europe.

Fees and Financing 
  • Please contact us to get a quote on our fees.

  • Email your CV to or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

  • We are offering a 10% discount on fees for all our 2021 summer 8-weeks program for students who apply before the 15th of April 2021.

Programme Calendar

Course starting dates: 

  • Monday 8th February 2021

  • Monday 7th June 2021

  • Monday 12th July 2021

  • Monday 9th August 2021

  • Monday 11th October 2021

COVID - 19* - We will be offering all our classes in the 2020 and 2021 as planned in-class. Students who are unable to make it in-class for the program can take the class online first and join us again in-class for the entire program at a later date when they deem safe at no extra fees.


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