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What's the US vs UK M&A analyst salaries at boutiques?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

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What's the US vs UK M&A analyst salaries at boutiques?

What's the true thrill of entrepreneurship? 🎉🌞

No - it's not the money you make or the places you travel to but ...

It's to see your clients succeed. 🏌️

One such case in point is Thomas Basset.

Was a pleasure to have dinner with him last week at a fancy Parisian restaurant.

The gambas 🍤 was sumptuous Thomas! 😋

Thomas is now an intern with Silver Mile Capital putting to good use the..

✅ Research

✅ Financial modeling and

✅ Valuation skills..

.. added to his toolbox on our 8-week course.

I feel the pain when students have to work hard to convince their parents on the fees for our courses.

For students getting a job in banking, it's literally a drop in the ocean. 💧

One such student was Matteo Digrandi who fought his corner 🥊 to convince his dad (who was already a senior equity research analyst at HSBC).

How did it all pan out❓🤔

I'll let you decide. ♐

Matteo now works at a leading renewable energy M&A advisory company based in the US.

He did have a US passport which helps, but has recently moved back to the UK with the same company.


What are starting salaries for M&A analysts at boutiques in the US vs UK❓

🇺🇲 US: Range from $120 to $150k + bonus.

🇬🇧 UK: Range from $75 to $100k + bonus.


The US salaries are a little higher than what UK banks pay.

However, grad salaries at IBs in UK are still higher than all other sectors.

In short - Matteo knocked it out of the park.🏌️

The skills he picked up on our 8-week course not only helped him break into banking but also thrive as an analyst.

Bon Appetit! 😋


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