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Please note that the last day to apply for our 8-week (25% discount) or 16-week course (20% discount) and get the discount is this coming Sunday. 

If you are interested to apply for one of our longer courses, please send your CV to with subject "Interview" and we will get back with a time in the next few days.


David Tamman

David T.jfif

Education: LSE


Post City Investment Training: Goldman Sachs

"What stood out for me was the real world examples which made it engaging and relevant and the training bought it to life"

Amar Patel

Amar Patel.jfif

Education: University of Birmingham


Post City Investment Training: Moelis and Company

"The theory and the application model of the course works very well. I think what that does is it allows us to walk into any analyst job feeling confident."  

Joseph Klein

Jospeh Klein.jfif

Education: University St Andrews


Post City Investment Training: Nomura

"The course is contemporary, using tangible, everyday examples to consolidate seemingly abstract concepts from accounting to financial modelling. This is a truly great and unique opportunity"

Morgan Stanley_simple.png

Carolina Montaruli

Carolina M.jfif

Education: University Southern California


Post City Investment Training:

Morgan Stanley

"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to gain advanced technical skills and have real insight into what the industry is like. I now feel very confident about my skills and much more prepared walking into interviews"

Morgan Stanley_simple.png

Andrea Martelletti

Andrea M.jpg

Education: IE Business School


Post City Investment Training:


"Would highly recommend to Business/Finance majors looking to gain financial modelling experience as well as anyone who wants to break into the industry"

Morgan Stanley_simple.png

Olivier Maris

Olivier Maris.jfif

Education: Hult Business School 

Post City Investment Training:

Julius Baer

"The training is well above expectations. If you are seeking to enter the investment banking industry, look no further. I believed IB content was overwhelming, until I completed the course."

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