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Can you answer this CW question in an investment banking interview?

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Students, are you prepared to discuss the WeWork bankruptcy in your next investment banking interview.

I have placed students at top investment banks including GS, MS, JP and UBS among many others.

I have seen students from top universities including LSE, Oxford and Cambridge fail in banking interviews because of two key reasons....

❌ Lack of Technical Knowledge

❌ Commercial Awareness

How you explain the WeWork bankruptcy in an interview makes the difference between you getting a £100K job or rejoining the applicant pool.

Here are some facts....

Court documents have unveiled that SoftBank transferred nearly $1.5bn to WeWork’s creditors a mere week before the co-working space provider declared bankruptcy.

The Japanese investment fund has committed over $16bn to WeWork since its foundation in 2017.

Strikingly, SoftBank transferred $1.47bn to lenders, including Goldman Sachs, on 31st October as WeWork strived to 'chart a value-maximizing path' with its stakeholders.

At its zenith in the private market, WeWork was valued at a staggering $47bn.

However, it faced a dramatic downfall following a failed public offering attempt and the removal of co-founder Adam Neumann in 2019.

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic further intensified the company's problems as a large number of firms turned to work from home options for their employees.

WeWork made its debut in the stock market in 2021, but suffered a precipitous drop in value,

Its shares being suspended this week, leaving its market capitalisation at just under $50m.

Three key tips when discussing commercial awareness in interviews..

⮕ Know the facts on the news - Bankruptcy, IPO and investments

⮕ Talk numbers ($1.5bn $47bn and $50m)

⮕ Name names - CEO, Adam Neumann

⮕ Remember dates

Students, if you want a job in banking..

Read the FT!

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