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Complete guide to using LinkedIn to break into banking

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This is a complete guide on using LinkedIn to secure your first job or internship in investment banking.

(This works with a brand-new profile but even better with an established account).

👉 Profile

You need to look like you’re invested in the industry.

Your profile picture should be high quality and formal.

Dressed in your nicest suit or dress.

Ideally taken in an area like Canary Wharf.

But even a white background works.

Your ‘About Me’ should show all relevant achievements and accolades. Some good things to include are your:

- A-level grades

- Any courses/internships you’ve taken

- The position you hold in finance society at uni.

- Team Sports

- Relevant extra-curricular activities

Then, talk about why you want to get into banking in the first place.

And don’t just mention money - that won’t get you far!

A lot of people miss this step❗

Make sure to upload any certificates of any relevant completed courses.

This will give your profile an edge over those who don’t do this.

👉 Home Feed

First thing to do is to follow all the big names in the space:

✅ Warren Buffett,

✅ Charlie Munger,

✅ Peter Thiel etc.

Also, follow the presidents, VPs and other senior roles at the banks that you’re applying to.

This is going to curate your feed so you only see banking content, collecting all the tips you can.

You can also create content around banking to show off your expertise.

For example, you could breakdown the deal on Microsoft buying ChatGPT.

Decision makers can find this in their feed.

They will see that you have a keen interest and you’ve already taken the time to teach yourself some of the necessary skills.

👉 Messaging

Content also helps when you’re reaching out to people.

It makes your account look active and if they like your content they’re more likely to reply to your message.

Or even reach out to you!

When messaging you need to first make sure you’re contacting the right people.

Senior Associates and Vice Presidents.

Send them a blank connection request (as these have the highest likelihood of being accepted) and message them after they accept.

In your message you want to be as brief as possible but include these 3 things:

- The reason for reaching out

- A relevant achievement (good A-level scores would be best)

- Mention something you have in common to break the ice. This could be a sport you both play or maybe you both attended the same university. Take some time to look into the person you are messaging!

👉 Summary

These 3 steps aren’t hard to get right. But they need doing.

- Set up your profile

- Curate your feed

- Reach out to the right people

Will you do enough outreach that you get the job you’re after?

I recommend my 8-week students send around 50 applications a month.

I’d recommend doing at least the same in outreach.

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Imperial Gaming
Imperial Gaming
Dec 03, 2023

Say you have a connection with a VP or above. How can you use that to your advantage except for just mentioning it in interviews?

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