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Here is your personalised job strategy to break into banking

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A first-year needs a different strategy than a third year to break into banking.


- Focus on securing a spring internship. There are not many going around so it's difficult to get one.

Good news is that most students are sleeping at the wheel so not many are applying for spring weeks.

Also try applying to boutiques.

Major hurdle of securing internships at smaller advisors?

Boutiques don't have time to train students so they are looking for strong technical skills and financial modelling training/experience.


If you don’t line up a summer internship, there’s almost certainly no grad job for you at a bank like Morgan Stanley or UBS.

That’s how competitive it is.

Even 2 years before grad applications.

So all focus should be on summer internships.

Start using LinkedIn to connect to seniors and VPs. and send out 50 applications a month.

👉 Third-years

You should be making 50-100 applications if you have:

- Internship experience

- Technical knowledge

- Strong financial awareness

If you lack any of these skills, it's relatively difficult to break in.

Instead, set your aims for boutique banks and off-cycle internships.

With some more experience, you can start applying for Goldman Sachs etc.

Whether you’re first or a third-year there’s work to be done.

But make sure you’re doing the right kind of work!

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