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How many TVs are there in Scotland?

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How many TVs are there in Scotland?

The key here is to first estimate the population of Scotland - second is to work your way down to places where you will find TVs i.e. households and finally estimating the number of TVs per household.

1. Population of Scotland

Your knowledge on the population and countries will earn you key brownie points. Knowing population figures of major cities and countries around the world impresses the interviewer, but he is aware that the question is on how you analyse information and so will be looking for evidence of analytical prowess in addition to your general knowledge.

However, if you do not know the population number, the key will be to estimate it with the information you already possess - this is where analytical skills kick in. How can you estimate the population of Scotland?

Start with what you know. Population of UK is around 60 million and we know that the population of London is around 9 million. If England alone has some 30 to 40 million people (3x to 4x of London’s population) - Scotland should have around say 5 to 7 million. - Bingo! Scotland's population is c. 5.5 million currently. If you are off with your numbers a little but have a sound justification for them you will sail through. If you are off by miles the interviewer will stop you and ask you to reconsider the assumptions made. A lousy estimate without a good justification will lose you very important points.

2. Number of Households in Scotland

Ok, now that we know that the population of Scotland is around 5.5 million, the next step is to figure out the places where TVs are used - mostly homes - correct. So the task is to use the population figure to math out the number of households. How can we do that?

Let's say an average family has c. 2.5 to 3 people in it given grandparents tend to live alone and young people prefer to move out of parents houses as soon as they start to earn money. This brings us to c. 2.5 million (5.5/2.5) households.

3. Number of TVs in Scotland

Let's say each household has c. 1.5x TV sets than there are c. 3.75 million TV's in Scotland. If we add another 5-10% to account for the TV sets in common public places such as pubs, hospitals, offices and schools we get to around 4 million TV's in Scotland.

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