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How our student secured a job at Goldman Sachs?

All the students who took our 8 weeks training program, 90% of them found internships and jobs. Please click here to learn more.

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My student is on a 6 figure salary in his second year out of university. He started training with us when his internship got pulled from underneath him due to Covid. Internships are crucial on the CV. So Jack used our 8-week course to make up for that. On the course we covered: 📝 Writing an exemplar CV 🖥️ Technical skills like valuations and financial models 📈 Current commercial climate 🗣️ How to ace your interview Only days after finishing the course, he had an interview with Goldman Sachs. They were shocked. He never studied accounting and finance BUT was able to answer EVERY technical question. (Almost no one is able to do that.) What questions did he get asked at Goldman’s.. ❓How do you forecast working capital items** ❓How do you value an option** ❓Company Valuation questions** Answering these questions made his application stand out and landed him his first high-finance job. A lot of students find themselves in the position Jack was in. Struggling to get an internship because people who have had internships take the spot. It’s a vicious cycle.

👉 Watch Jack's interview here:

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