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Which of the following investment banking roles would you want to break into?

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There are many different types of investment banking roles.

Accept the wrong one - and you might end up in a job you hate!

There are 3 main types of front end roles to look out for...

👉 Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst

- Work long hours (14 to 16 hour days)

- Lots of financial modelling and valuations

- Lot of paperwork involved

- Great for someone who likes a fast paced challenging environment

💵 Likely compensation in 5 years - £200k annually

👉 Private Equity & Venture Capital Analyst

- Where the big money is at

- Slightly less hours (12 hour days)

- Manage investment portfolio/funds

- Ideal for someone who has an entrepreneurial streak

💵 Likely compensation in 5 years - £250k annually

👉 Equity Research/Portfolio Management

- Much more civilised hours (10 to 12 hours)

- Very precise and enjoyable work

- Work with some extremely clever and important people

- Very little paperwork, if at all

- Perfect for someone who has an analytical bend of mind

💵 Likely compensation in 5 years

- Varies significantly on performance of both you and your AM/Hedge Fund - > £250k annually

- ER compensation - £150k annually

Don’t make the mistake of rolling every investment banking/ capital market job into one.

There are clear, distinct differences between each one.

And with them all requiring a minimum of 10 hour days, it’s important you choose well.

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