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Explain the different rounds in the VC game

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Explain the different rounds in the VC game

Pre-seed round – Stage before the seed round

Seed round - Early stage investments and precedes series A round.

Series A round – The first serious VC check. However, pre-seed, Seed and Series A are all considered early stage investments.

• Also expect to find names such as Series B-2, Series D-3 and Series A/B/C crunch – When the same VC invests another £5m in addition to the £10m invested before on the same terms, the round becomes a Series B-1 round and if the same happens again it will be Series B-2.

• Series B, C and …. – Latter funding rounds led by a new investor and are mid stage companies  Series D and beyond – Generally considered late stage companies

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Mark Sorenson
Mark Sorenson
Jan 17, 2023

Good article. As for the games, I really like Argentics games. This is a great company that has already created dozens of good games. If you haven't played Graviton Zero yet, give it a try.

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