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How many toothbrushes are sold in London everyday?

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How many toothbrushes are sold in London everyday?

In summary we first need to know the population of London and then work out how often Londoners change their toothbrush in a year.

The population of London is around 9 million. Of the total population let's assume that ages 1 to 3 and 75 and above do not need to brush their teeth. Assuming average life expectancy of the total population @80 years that leaves us with 90% of the population using a toothbrush everyday. So we have 8 million teeth brushing Londoners daily.

Assuming that on an average Londoners change their toothbrush every 4 months we get an average Londoner needing 3 toothbrushes a year. i.e. 24 million toothbrushes sold in a year. Dividing this by 360 days we get 66,667 toothbrushes sold everyday in London.

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