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Tell me about a recent M&A deal?

Fancy answering this real-life investment banking interview question?

Tell me about a recent M&A deal? 🤔

If you want to get a real-life deck on the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft used by one of our 8 week full-time program students to score an internship at Rothschild please see below.

Most students find this question quite challenging 😅 given the lack of investment banking experience.

The key here is to make sure that students talk about a deal which the bank you are interviewing with was involved in.

It goes a long way in showing that students have done their homework.

Not to mention also an opportunity to blow some smoke up their proverbial. 🤣🤣

You need to hit four bullet points to answer this questions..

❌ Business and Financial profile overview:

Financial profile of both, acquirer and target. i.e. Products, market shares and growth profile of Revenue and Profitability over the next three to five year cycle.

❌Strategic or Deal rationale:

Why did the acquirer buy the target? Example: Facebook bought Instagram to increase its market share in the social media space on a platform that was growing fast and was pictures first.

❌Valuations and financials:

Premium paid if the target was publicly listed. Discuss valuations ratios such as EV/EBITDA or EV/Rev and how those stack up versus other deals in the sector. Also make sure to reference both public and transaction comps.

How was the deal paid for? Stock or Cash. Was it an accretive or a dilutive deal?

❌ What is your opinion on the deal?

Was it a good deal? Did the acquirer overpay? Was it a win win for both, target and acquirers shareholders? Will the acquirers management be able to deliver on the synergies it detailed as part of the deal?

If you want to get a real-life deck on the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft used by one of our 8 week full time students to score an internship in a leading mid-market boutique, please...

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Please note, that this M&A deck is available to students based in North America and Europe only.

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