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What does a typical day of an equity research analyst look like?

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What does a typical day of an equity research analyst look like?

An equity research analyst is responsible for covering or providing expert commentary on a set number of companies in his sector. This typically ranges from 10 to 20 companies per analyst.

Analysts are expected to provide daily commentary on the latest news on the companies under coverage. Additionally, during results season the analyst will write notes on their companies quarterly. Annual results.

Equity research analyst will write detailed thought pieces on the drivers of a company or more longer-term themes effecting the sector such as the impact of driverless cars on the autos industry.

When analysts write research reports for the first time on a company, the reports are called initiating coverage reports which tend to be 30 to 50 pages of a detailed report on the company.

Senior analysts will also field calls from clients, typically portfolio managers at buy side equity funds who will ask them questions on the companies under coverage.

Furthermore, M&A analysts may also need help writing IPO documents, other deal related documents and spreading financial models from equity research analyst who are considered experts in their respective sectors.

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