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Why this investment bank or research house? (Rank)

All the students who took our 8 weeks training program, 90% of them found internships and jobs. Please click here to learn more.

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Why this investment bank or research house? (Rank)

One of the key reasons to work for an equity research house is its rank in the table of equity research houses.

Additional reasons for working for an investment bank could be the rank of the sector team itself. A higher ranked equity research team generally have senior analysts who are extremely well respected by clients in the industry.

Despite the onset of Covid-19 and its accompanying challenges, our program registered a 90% placement rate for students on our 8 weeks training programs. Our students secure jobs at marquee investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Citi Bank and Deutsche Bank among others. Please send your CV to to check your eligibility for the course.

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